Saturday, April 21, 2012

An abandoned fax machine lays amidst a pile of garbage on the side of the road. Grinning, I reach down and hoist it up to get a better look. Ideas begin to swirl through my head as my imagination pierces the off-white plastic hull. Motors, transistors, capacitors... a cornucopia of components rests in my hands. 
I glance over at my wife. She sighs and patiently holds back a complaint. I take the silence as approval. 
This one's coming with me.

This blog will chronicle my adventures with junk electronics.
Because one man's trash is another man's hobby. 

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Anonymous said...

Nice article. BTW, where id you get that nice pico-k pcb style breadboard?

Anonymous said...

google drive is killing me

Anonymous said...

About the crash issue. After Taking a quick look at the source code, It looks like the problem is all the strings that are being printed, each one takes space in ram(I couldn't believe it either). I had a similar problem with a project, kept resetting on me, once I moved all the strings to program space I had no more crashes.

Rickyponting said...

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